The Sacred Path of Tears

Review from Jim Langford, Director Emeritus of University of Notre Dame Press, bestselling author of The Spirit of Notre Dame and Quotable Notre Dame

M.B. Tosi mixes history and fiction with believable characters and the result is a fascinating, enjoyable, and inspiring story.

Review from Arleen Alleman, author of The Darcy Farthing Series and co-author of Sometimes Naughty - Always Loved Mary and Her Big Cat Brain 

The author, M.B. Tosi, has done an admirable job of researching the history and social relationships of the plains Indians and white settlers in Kansas and Colorado in the mid 1800s. This romantic and spiritual adventure chronicles the life of Mokee, a peace-seeking Cheyenne girl, as she makes her way through difficult life transitions during turbulent times. The story was easy to read and difficult to put down. In addition to the satisfying story line and great character development, Tosi weaves in a good deal of history, making this not only a thoroughly enjoyable, but also an educational reading adventure.

Review from S. McQuaid

The Sacred Path of Tears is an amazing story about a young girl named Mokee who it torn from her family and life because of war between her tribe and the military. She finds refuge with a family in Kansas who takes her in and teaches her English and "civilized" customs. When she is truly comfortable in her new life, the old one sneaks up on her and she is forced to choose and fight for her decision. It is an amazing story about love, faith, and heritage. I really enjoyed this book. I love stories with a good Christian base and good books on American Indian history. This story is a wonderful blend between the two. This was a hard book to put down once I got into the story.

The author did a great book with character development and fully depicting the entire situation. It makes me realize how hard it was for 80% of the settlers and Indians that were thrown into war and didn't agree with the extremist on each end. The story of Mokee and her new family show how the two cultures could have peacefully lived together with compromise.

Review from M. Smith

This is a great book! It is a work of fiction, but there is also a lot of historical facts throughout the book. The fact that it is written like a journal allowed the author, M. B. Tosi, to include historical information in such a way that Mokee became part of true events. I think that added a depth to the story that would otherwise not have been possible. The Sacred Path of Tears is the first book in The Indian Path Series. Each book focuses on a different group of Indians. I am looking forward to reading the rest of the books in this series.

Review from C. McElmurray

This book is about the lives of fictional characters woven into actual events that occurred in the mid-1800's. The story takes place in Kansas. The main character, Mokee, is a young Cheyenne maiden and sees war all around her. She starts out the story with this thought: "I can't seem to understand why life is so violent when there is such beauty and peacefulness all around us in nature." The story itself centers around just a couple of years of her life. What I liked is that I didn't know how the story was going to end before it did. One of Mokee's final thoughts: "I want to be known not for the color of my skin, but for the inner workings of my soul and my lifelong desire for peace in our hearts." She found that peace through her love and devotion to Jesus.

Review from N. Volpicelli

Just finished your new book. I found it to be an easy to read, fast paced, and believable piece of historical fiction in the best tradition of Maurice Druon's "The Accursed Kings" (Les Rois Maudits). Beyond the story itself, your book may provide some insight into parallels which can be drawn between US / Native American relations after the US civil war and the current strained relations between the Western and Muslim worlds today. Well done - I hope you have more coming.

Review from M. Whalen

M.B.Tosi carefully researched the historical facts that blend well with this inspirational story. Mokee's life from adolescence to having a family of her own includes sadness and violence, but also happiness. That made it a book that was hard to put down. I am looking forward to her next book in The Indian Path Series.

Review from E. Cullman, Ph.D.

I love this book! I have always been curious about the history of our Native Americans. Within a spellbinding and heartfelt story, this book provides a well-researched history about this important era of America's development. Besides the "war" history, I loved what I learned about the practice of the spirituality of the Native Americans - especially that of the Cheyenne tribe. I came away with a deeper appreciation and respect for their practices and the pain and struggle they experienced during this time. I am really happy that this is the beginning of a series and look forward to reading all of them. I look forward to learning and understanding so much more about our Native Americans. I will never be the same when I am in their company.

Review from C. Scannell

The book is a comprehensive and compassionate portrayal of the western settler and Cheyenne Indians' embattled relationship that will inspire further consideration, much in the style of an Allan Eckert novel, with the spiritual nature of Native Americans presented in a respectful and honorable light. Needless to say, I much anticipate the next edition of this series. Congratulations to the author on a job well done.  

Review from B. Diller

I had the pleasure of reading The Sacred Path of Tears on a train trip. While having the gift of uninterrupted reading time, we just happened to be going through Kansas which made the story all the more real to me. I fell in love with the characters. Each one brought a wonderful layer to the story. I was very sad when I got to the end of the story. I wanted to spend more time with them. 

Review from A. Gempel

I loved this book! I do not have lots of time to read so when I do it must be easy to get into and hold my interest. This certainly did!! Wonderful characters...they were realistic, heartwarming and easy to like. I also loved the fact that I learned some American history throughout the book. What a crazy time in history (kind of like today). This book reminds us of the importance of being color blind in such a harsh world.

Review from L. Heitz Ph.D. 

In The Sacred Path of Tears, the author delivers a compelling story of life in the mid-West in the mid 1800's where human interactions range from compassionate to brutally harsh. The complex weaving of Native American history into this story makes it appealing to readers well beyond the traditional romance novel audience. Well done!

Review from JY 

I loved the book! I thoroughly enjoyed the character, Mokee. I like historical novels and learned a lot about indian culture in the 1800's. The book was very well written and researched and I took away a wealth of knowledge about this period of American history. I found the book to flow very nicely and quite honestly read it in one sitting. It was a complex story about a young girl who lived during turbulent times who with faith and love found happiness in the end.

Review from Donald C. Langdon 

This was an easy relaxing read with some historical facts to it. I would recommend it to people who have an interest in historical novels.

Review from Elaine Cherry 

M.B. Tosi's book, The Sacred Path of Tears, is such a good read that it will have you staying up late to read just one more chapter. The fictional character is Mokee, a young Cheyenne girl whose adventures have you turning the pages quickly. Its a love story, a story of courage and faith, its full of history and it will leave you wanting to read the next book in the series.

Review from Nancy Keener 

My attention was quickly captured by the female character in this novel. It was interesting to view our country's history from a female Cheyenne Indian's perspective. The quotes, at the beginning of each chapter by various authors, helped set the tone for the upcoming read. I will enjoy more novels by this author. Highly recommended!

Review from G

In The Sacred Path of Tears, the author delivers a compelling story of life in the mid-West in the mid 1800's where human interactions range from compassionate to brutally harsh. The complex weaving of Native American history into this story makes it appealing to readers well beyond the traditional romance novel audience. Well done!

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