A Woman Called Red

In the years after the Revolutionary War, seventeen-year-old Hannah Anderson’s life changes drastically. In the once peaceful setting of a mission in eastern Ohio, the threat of war fills the air. Worse yet, Hannah’s beloved mother and baby brother die, which leaves an unfillable void in the Anderson household. When her preacher father becomes despondent and unapproachable, Hannah seeks solace in the forest, and by chance, meets an enigmatic stranger who befriends her. Tragedy strikes, however, and Hannah faces a long recovery from a devastating injury.

In the Treaty of Paris in 1783, many Native American homelands are granted to the United States. This vast area of land bordering the Great Lakes is called the Northwest Territory, and Ohio is included in the land grant. Against the backdrop of Native tribes converging in Ohio for battle, Hannah faces abandonment by her father and an arranged marriage. While contemplating her own personal issues, she is captured by a militant tribe and nearly killed. The story culminates in the Battle of Fallen Timbers, and Hannah’s ultimate choice for her future.

“M.B. Tosi’s new series continues with A Woman Called Red, an exciting post-Revolutionary War story about Ohio & the Battle of Fallen Timbers. As with all of her books, this one is alive with adventure, genuine history, difficult decisions and faith. Enjoy!” — Jim Langford, Director Emeritus of University of Notre Dame Press.

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