The Secret Path of Destiny

In The Secret Path of Destiny, a young, disabled, German-American girl, named Isolde, and her destitute mother reach out for a lifeline being offered by a widower in the German town of Fredericksburg, Texas in 1865. The two travel from New York City into the heart of Comancheria, the homeland of the Comanche just as war is brewing with Native Americans. Because the Germans made a separate peace treaty with the Comanche, Fredericksburg is an oasis of peace in a turbulent landscape of war.

In a series of strange twists, life becomes incomprehensible for Isolde. First, she is befriended by a Comanche Indian whose peaceful village borders Fredericksburg. Their friendship grows, but he leaves to become a warrior with a different Comanche band at war with the white soldiers. Then her new community begins comparing her to an adulterous fictional character in a new Wagnerian opera called Tristan and Isolde, and some of her new German classmates even ridicule her disability.

But in the worst twist of fate, her mother’s new employer becomes her stepfather, and Isolde realizes he’s a calculating man, not to be trusted. It’s not the Comanche Isolde comes to fear, but her stepfather’s growing obsession with her; she’s forced to make a life-changing decision to escape. Desperate, Isolde seeks refuge with her Comanche friend’s warring band; however, her wicked stepfather refuses to let her go, and he pursues her across Texas, turning her life upside down.

After nearly dying in the conflict, Isolde is later kidnapped for revenge and faces a terrifying situation that has rapidly spun out of control. Yet in the midst of her trouble, Isolde’s faith sustains her, and she unexpectedly finds the love that has always eluded her. Eventually, Isolde accepts the difficult circumstances of her life, realizing a person’s destiny is often hidden from view because the path can be so rocky.

The Secret Path of Destiny is the second book in The Indian Path Series. Each book in the historical romance series focuses on a different Native American tribe during the Indian Wars in the late 1800s, and the lives of fictional characters will be woven into the true events of the wars. The theme of The Indian Path Series is the commonality of the human experience and how people in all centuries deal with the age-old struggle to find their life's purpose and follow a path of peace, courage, and love in spite of the troubled times in which they live.

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